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About Us

Our firm's profile

OMAPLEX LAW FIRM is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria that came about as a result of merging of great law firms established with the purpose of bringing specialists that have gained experience for over 10 years in different areas of law practice to provide the highest level of technical legal expertise to our clients.

Our clients have the right to expect us to be:

  1.  Available
  2.  Approachable
  3.  Comprehensible
  4.  Prompt
  5.  Courteous.

We consistently offer the highest level of Professional services to all our clients both home and abroad due to our wealth of experience i.e making reference to our years of experience in the legal profession in Nigeria. It is expedient to mention that we have associate offices across the 36 states in Nigeria and Abuja as our Head Office. Working with our dedicated partners, has given rise to our solving issues right from the Rural areas all through to the Urban centers thereby having the firm represent clients who have simple Matrimonial issues or Child rights issues to major briefs like Presidential Election Petitions, State or Local Government Petitions and major Commercial transactions, giving us (the firm) connections and relevance in all the states of the Federation of Nigeria.

The firm is recognized by the major Legal directories as being a leader in its field and we believe in providing clients with individual partner’s attention throughout the legal process. Our different background of specialization as partners, give us an in depth understanding of both National and international Laws for different transactions.

Our partners give special care to all our clients by working to find solutions rather than just process cases. As a leading law firm in Nigeria, the firm is readily accessible to most corporate institutions, clients, government and regulatory bodies generally.

Wherever possible we seek to achieve results without going to Court and  this has made us have a strong edge as one of the largest Alternative to Dispute Resolution Offices in Nigeria. Our ethos is to provide practical commercial solutions and to avoid litigation wherever possible so as to preserve reputations and minimize consequences. The Firm has represented clients in all Courts and tribunals i.e from the Magistrate Court to the Supreme Court and we have also handled major cases at the National Industrial Court which has  made our name known both in Africa and indeed around the world.

Our work often cuts across multiple jurisdictions and the interrelationship between Civil, Criminal and Regulatory practices and procedures. We have conducted litigation both nationally and internationally in some of the largest and most difficult commercial disputes in Nigeria. We have equally serviced a number of NGO’s who have had to operate in Nigeria. Our experience and ability to identify key issues and novel legal argument has enabled us to conclude our clients cases successfully and without delay.

Over the years, our partners have developed extensive experience in Family law, Personal Injury, Litigation, Immigration, Insurance Intellectual property, Real estate, Project Finance, Corporate Restructuring, Banking and Securities, Company Secretarial Services, Joint Ventures and Taxation, Foreign Investments and Corporate Investigation, as well as litigation and Dispute resolution.

The quality of service provided by the firm and it’s partners both local and international cannot be over emphasised, as the firm has been  involved in major litigations in Nigeria. Our strength lies in our team of experienced partners and consultants who are equally affiliated with other renowned chambers in Nigeria.

We act both as legal practitioners and chattered secretaries carefully selected with excellent legal education enhanced through international professional training programs and also through our support staff. Our background enables us to anticipate our clients’ commercial objectives.  the cornerstone of the practice is the broad knowledge of key sectors in Nigeria’s economy and being abreast with industry trend worldwide.

We care for our clients and so therefore their issues are approached in a dynamic and proactive manner to facilitate the development of their businesses and manage their personal issues when necessary. We have maintained a high profile standard by providing innovative, client-oriented and cost effective business solutions, thereby building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships. This is accomplished using state of the art business tools, with the highest degree of professionalism, we equally take pride in our international mobile library that enables us work with the highest degree of professionalism and give ethical advice without compromising efficiency and quality to all our clients.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be a front-line law firm in the world, having partnership with the greatest legal minds of all time with international focus, professionalism and standards towards meeting our clients’ needs.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to consistently provide good level of services with qualified care in order to add value to all our clients around the world.

  • Infrastructure

    The firm has its head office in Abuja and several associate offices around the Country, thereby making us strategically located in commercial and political cities of the country.

  • Capacity

    Our firms’ human capital which spread across all the states in Nigeria and associate offices in other parts of the world comprising of leading lawyers in various areas of law and practice which is led by seasoned partners and experienced academic law professionals who are also consultants with other firms. Our firm which competes with others in its league within the continent and around the world, has working associate relationships with leading international law firms all around the world.