election petition
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The Nigerian election jurisprudence experienced an expansion in 2023. This is not unconnected with transformations brought about by the decisions of the various election petition courts and tribunals on petitions, which arose, from either the primaries of political parties or the conduct of the 2023 general election. Hence, while the Courts and Tribunals largely expounded the law, there were modifications in application to suit appropriately the circumstances of each case. These positions of law no doubt impact Nigerian legal jurisprudence and constitute a foundation for future decisions on related subjects.

Extant Laws & Policies for Granting Visas & Permits
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The immigration policies in Nigeria have taken major steps forward in dealing with modern immigration realities. Pursuant to this the Nigerian immigration structure has evolved its regulatory stance and policy framework to constantly address leading issues associated with Immigration relations. Below, we will briefly delve into most relevant and primary enactments and policies, driving our immigration stance and their implications on immigration practices in Nigeria.

Sports arbitration Featured image
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SPORT on the other hand can be said to be an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Sport as a highly organized physical activity of high human intensity regulated by accepted rules and regulations which require maximum physical and mental exertion.

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Note however, that a superior court in Nigeria will not enforce any award under this Act if at the time of the application for its enforcement there exist an appeal in any court on the award for purposes of setting it aside or if it has wholly been satisfied or it could not be enforced by execution in the country of the original court.

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Most arbitration agreements are entered into as exit strategies; they are inserted into agreements without much thought as to the dynamics of the arbitration proceedings in the event the contractual relationship actually goes wrong.

No partner wants to be the one proffering detailed solutions as to how their marriage should be dissolved if it gets to that, but as much as we all want a happy ending, some marriages must dissolve. Thus, when things go wrong, parties have to ensure that their arbitration agreements fulfil their expectations of an easy way out; the best ‘exit strategy’.