Banking & Finance

An Appraisal of the Legal Regime for Bankruptcy and Insolvency in Nigeria

It's essential to highlight that Bankruptcy, as a mechanism for debt recovery, demands a thorough restructuring of pertinent legislation, such as the Bankruptcy Act of 2004. This entails eliminating provisions that relegate bankruptcy to a secondary role in debt recovery processes, thus ensuring its efficacy as a primary avenue for addressing financial insolvency and creditor claims.

A Projection into the Future: Demutualization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)

Demutualization of an exchange can coexist with self-regulation. The exchange's capability to uphold prescribed standards and fulfill regulatory and public interest goals hinges on various factors, encompassing the regulatory framework and the exchange's legal obligations. This underscores the intricate interplay between demutualization, self-regulation, and compliance within the broader regulatory landscape governing financial markets.