Data Protection

An Appraisal of the Powers and Functions of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission in Data Protection in Nigeria

The Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023, establishes the Nigeria Data Protection Commission to carry out the fundamental objectives of the Act. The Commission has a rather strategic role to play in the data protection regime of the country as the principal institution saddled with the responsibility to ensure compliance with the fundamental principles of data protection detailed by the existing legal framework.

Understanding Data Privacy and Its Correlation to Human Rights

The protection of personal data as provided for in Section 14 of the Freedom of Information Act 2011 is the purpose of the Act.  It enables public access to public information and restrains the disclosure of personal information by public institutions, except where the person whose data is involved gives their consent to its disclosure, or where the information is publicly available. Personal information is defined as “any official information held about an identifiable person but does not include information that bears on the public duties of public employees and officials”.