Human Rights

An Overview of the Legal Rights of a Child in Nigeria

In Nigeria, it is pertinent to note that, once a child is born, all general legal rights accrue to him or her except those rights that are limited to the attainment of certain age and status, for example, the right to vote and be voted for in the country’s election. To ensure that a child enjoys these rights, certain laws have been enacted and institutions put in place for the sole aim of protecting a child in the society.

Trafficking and Victim Protection Under Human Rights in Nigeria

It is no doubt that the influx of people in and out of a nation has increased rapidly in search of better economic opportunities and greener pastures. This has also increased the tendencies for the commission of international organised crimes such as human trafficking which may be for reasons of sex trafficking, domestic servitude and even harvesting of human organs. This has raised issues regarding the violations of various human rights in Nigeria and also at the international regime.