Humanitarian Law

An Overview of the Legal Rights of a Child in Nigeria

In Nigeria, it is pertinent to note that, once a child is born, all general legal rights accrue to him or her except those rights that are limited to the attainment of certain age and status, for example, the right to vote and be voted for in the country’s election. To ensure that a child enjoys these rights, certain laws have been enacted and institutions put in place for the sole aim of protecting a child in the society.

An Analysis of the Protection of Refugees under International Humanitarian Law

International humanitarian law is the law that seeks to protect in times of war. Its relation to Refugee law is of significance, as it offers protection to Refugees, which is part of what humanitarian law seeks to promote. The preamble of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees reinforces the idea stated in the United Nations Charter, that human beings shall enjoy fundamental freedoms and rights devoid of discrimination.