Labour Act

Termination of Employment in Nigeria: An Overview of the Labour Law

The tides, as it relates to the principle that he who hires can fire seem to be changing rapidly, and The National Industrial Court (NICN) is at the forefront of the movement, as the Court is insistent on upholding the principles of good or international best practice in labour and industrial provisions. Therefore, the termination of employees' appointments without any reason or bad reason may now warrant the sanction of the Court in Nigeria, in line with recent decisions of NICN.

Understanding the Role of a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Nigeria

Nigeria recorded an impressive adoption of digital currency before the ban on banks and other financial institutions, due to the threat trading and the use of cryptocurrency posed at that time. This was based on the fact that it was an uncharted arena in Nigeria, with no regulation safeguarding the citizens and residents from the issues or challenges facing the adoption and use of digital assets/ currency.