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Under the United Nations Convention on Carriage of Goods by Sea (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2005, Nigerian courts play a pivotal role in adjudicating disputes arising from the carriage of goods by sea and interpreting the Act’s provisions. Judicial decisions, shaped by principles of fairness, equity, and international law, serve as guiding beacons for the maritime industry, clarifying the rights, obligations, and liabilities of the parties involved.

Legal Technology tech
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The development of legal technology, like its counterparts in diverse fields, took a progressive approach and lawyers in the earlier centuries were seen making use of ‘technological’ tools such as typewriters, phonographs and dictation machines, fax machines for the sending of documents, UBIQ terminal used for searching cases online, etc. However, recent years have seen the evolution of emerging technologies such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing etc., as well as technological tools which have continued to impact the nation’s legal landscape.

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Nigeria, as a member state of the United Nations, pursuant to its international obligations empowered the Sanctions Committee to maintain a list to be known as the Nigerian Sanctions List. The Nigerian Sanctions List is a periodic publication of the Nigerian Sanctions Committee containing the details of all persons, groups or entities designated as terrorists, groups, organisations or financiers.

Trespass To A Person on land use act
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While historical instances have witnessed courts imposing liability for trespass to the person even in cases of negligence, contemporary practice generally adheres to the specified criteria. The primary objective of the tort of trespass is to uphold an aggrieved party’s right (the Claimant) to freedom from interference with their person, property, or goods. Trespass is deemed actionable per se, indicating that compensation is awarded irrespective of damage to the Claimant.