Sports Arbitration

An Examination of Tortious Liability in Sport Law

Liability may equally arise against a match official who fails to keep adequate control of the game, thus occasioning injustice or unfairness, or in extreme events, injuries may occur from the failure of the sport’s official to keep fairly and/or strictly to the rules. In the same vein, governing bodies may be held liable if they have failed to supply adequate guidance, safety procedures, and apparatus.

Exploration of Sports Law in Nigeria II: An Analysis of Arbitration Procedure in Sports Dispute

Sport and law seem a world apart to casual sportsmen and women playing their weekend games of tennis, golf, swimming, or even horse riding, oblivious of the mechanism of the laws governing their activities. The truth is that many key areas of overlap directly affect both participants and administrators. As sports have become an everyday affair in the lives of millions of Nigerians and billions of individuals globally, the staging, organizing and execution of major events takes governing bodies deeper into the realms of law, governance, finance etc.