Telecommunications & Media Law

A Look at the Legal Remedies Available to Consumers

Substandard products and services in Nigeria's telecom sector pose a significant problem, with issues like poor network coverage, incorrect billing, and unwanted messages bothering consumers. The government acknowledges these challenges and has implemented laws to penalize service providers for offences, theoretically safeguarding consumer interests. Despite these efforts, gaps in consumer protection persist in certain areas of the industry

An Appraisal of the Regulatory Framework for Genome Editing in Nigeria

Genome editing is the scientific process that allows the genetic composition of an organism to be altered either by the introduction of DNA from a different source or some form of modification or deletion of a DNA of a host source. The practice of genome editing allows for the gene of an organism to be modified either by the insertion, deletion, or other forms of alteration targeted at a specific location in the genome.

An Exposition of the Powers of the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission (NCC) Vis-À-Vis the Powers of the Nigerian Environmental Standards Regulatory Agency (NESREA) in the Telecommunications Industry in Nigeria

Having recognized the interplay between the NCC's regulatory authority and NESREA's environmental mandate in the telecommunication space, a collaboration between the two agencies is essential to ensure sustainable telecommunications operations in Nigeria. By working together, the NCC and NESREA can develop policies and guidelines that promote the growth of the telecommunications industry while safeguarding the environment.