Climate Change Advocacy in Nigeria; Assessing the Nigerian Response to Climate Change in the Light of Existing International Obligations

It is no longer news that climate change has and continues to pose a serious threat to the Nigerian environment with various evidential impacts. This economic and socio-economic threat affects not just Nigeria, but the world. The effect of climate change is not limited to the physical impacts that can be seen and immediately felt. The existence of other dangers posed by climate change in Nigeria though not immediately apparent, are just as worrisome.

Understanding Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Agreements

Boilerplate clauses are known as standard, miscellaneous, or general clauses, and they are found at the end of most legal documents (agreements). These clauses address a range of things, such as what happens if a document is declared unenforceable, how disputes will be resolved, which laws will govern or apply in the event of a dispute, etc. As such, Boilerplate clauses serve an important purpose in clarifying the relationship between the parties and spelling out any situations that otherwise wouldn’t be addressed in the operative section of the agreement.

How Effective Regulations can Smoothen Energy Investments in the Transition of the African Energy Market

While the African Energy market continues to grow, it is worthy to put into consideration, the huge impact played by the implementation of Regulations, while acknowledging alternative mechanisms such as dissemination of information through proper education; and incentive/market-based structures, which will further enable the economy to grow exponentially.