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Our Dispute Resolution practice group has developed a reputation for their ability to actively manage technically challenging, complex and multi-faceted litigation matters on behalf of a wide spectrum of corporate clients.

The team has handled a number of recent high profile cases in Nigeria, and actively participates in international commercial arbitration in major cities around the globe. Our approach is characterized by a strong preference for solving difficult commercial disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible and we routinely deploy our vast expertise to provide creative and commercially sensible solutions which are aligned with our clients’ business objectives.
We have a strong reputation in the Nigerian courts, and our advocates are well regarded for their innovative and clear-minded attitude to interpreting and applying established principles.

Our clients find our multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to litigation to be invaluable, as it enables us to provide commercially driven, technical representation to our clients on matters across all areas of the law. Equally, our pro-active approach ensures that we help our clients to find the most cost-effective path to dealing with, mitigating and, where possible, avoiding the emergence of expensive regulatory and commercial disputes.

The Corporate/Commercial team of the Firm has been providing exceptional advisory service to businesses throughout the company life cycle from incorporation to winding up. Our comprehensive service covers business advisory, foreign investment, debt recovery, insurance, corporate reorganization, labour, insolvency, taxation amongst others. The depth of our expertise ensures that transactions are well structured and reach completion efficiently and cost effectively.

The firm emphasizes and nurtures long-term, industry-focused client relationships. This knowledge gives us profound insight into our clients’ needs and enables us to deliver pragmatic value added advices that addresses legal issues and best business practice.

Our approach and our reputation means that we are trusted advisers to an extensive client list, spanning private and public companies in Nigeria and foreign businesses. The firm has built a reputation for being a powerful legal adviser for international corporates seeking to establish a business presence in Nigeria. We have been able to develop required relationships with regulators and therefore saddled with the responsibility to offer our local and international clients with a unique insight into the Nigerian regulatory framework and guide our clients through any regulatory bottlenecks.

Omaplex is committed to legal excellence, extraordinary client service, a high-performance culture and helping clients achieve stellar legal and business results today, as well as into the future.

The technology team maintains a commitment to providing quality legal services relating to various technological spheres such as artificial intelligence, data protection & privacy, cyber policing, cybercrime, big data amongst.

Technology law is an emerging area of law, it cuts across legal tech, internet of things, fintech, bloc chain etc. Technology law focuses on intellectual property rights, a multifaceted branch of the legal system that deals with disputes over who ‘owns’ intangible ‘property’, such as creative works, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. The team helps protect individual creativity, protects their ideas and also ensures rights concerning the distribution. Another branch of technology the firm focuses on is software licensing. For many large and small businesses, computer software is a critical part of maintaining their services and satisfying customers.

Omaplex Law Firm focuses on providing protection to creative works and inventions through copyright, trademark and patents, our intellectual property law team of expert provide advice on the registration of intellectual property, licensing and sale of rights in intellectual property, issue notices and takedown in case of violations and formulating strategies best suited to protect and secure your intellectual property rights.

With a dedicated International Property Practice, we advise on all aspects of the creation, exploitation and enforcement of international property rights.
We handle both the contentious and non-contentious sides of International Property law and as trusted adviser, local and multinational corporates operating in a wide range of sectors trust us to manage their international property portfolio and solve their issues in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We handle disputes covering the full spectrum of IP rights and co-ordinate litigation and settlement strategies for clients in defense of their IP rights.
Our IP lawyers also provide support by conducting high level due diligence exercises, establishing licensing structures and assignment of IP assets.
We have developed highly effective working relationships with leading law firms around the world and are able to guide our clients on their multi-jurisdictional IP matters and provide services with an international outlook.

Omaplex is an integrated and international law firm with recognized strength in energy law. The Firm’s profound knowledge in this sector would cause a progressive modification in the energy sector and the Nigerian economy at large. Our boast on this sector originates from the fact that we have reputable expert lawyers in this field. The team handles and delivers on full spectrum of services in the energy sector covering regulatory transactions, risk management issues, commercial and fiscal matters connected with oil and gas, power, carbon trade, mining and renewable energy transactions.

Our transactional issues approach ensures our team is able to deliver on the transactional aspect of projects and other related issues. Our lawyers also possess the ability to advise and represent our clients on several of the most recent developments and cases in the energy sector in Nigeria.

People are at the heart of every business and managing them effectively can be the key to success.

Our experience in this area is significant, with our advice covering every aspect of employment, including reorganizations, compensation, trade unions, performance, health and safety.

At Omaplex, we are proactive in our approach to employment matters, providing guidance that will encourage better performance and ensure clients have policies in place to deal with any potential labour issues.

We are keen on eradicating any discrepancies our client might possibly face, helping them to avoid tribunals but defending claims vigorously when required.
We utilize lawyers from around our firm whenever necessary to enable best practice in areas such as tax and contractual agreements. Our approach is to develop an intimate knowledge of our client’s business to enable swift solutions tailored specifically to their circumstances.

From everyday matters to long term HR projects, our understanding of the law can be used to the advantage of any client and we can create policies and precedents that form the bedrock of future activities.

Our robust experience in this area and our public sector relationships provides both government and business an invaluable resource.

Our strength is birthed in the arduous research we do, highlighting best practices in relevant jurisdictions and in adapting that specifically for a Nigerian setting. The laws we help create are workable, entrepreneurial and in keeping with the spirit of Nigerian society.

When necessary, we are able to call on sector experts across the oil and gas, telecommunications and banking teams, ensuring that the advice we give has a practical and commercial edge in addition to legal integrity.

With a practice highly attuned to the ever-changing legal landscape, Omaplex has built a reputation for being a potent legal adviser for tort law. The firm handles any case involving a serious personal injury caused by the negligence of another person, the team ensures that responsible parties pay for their damages and that our clients receives fair compensation when they’re victimized by another person’s wrongful conduct.

The team provides relief to our clients and helps them navigate the complex and stressful legal system which can be daunting to someone who isn’t legally trained. Our team keeps abreast with our client’s cases, evaluate the cases, build evidence, conduct trials and make strategic decisions that are calculated to achieve the best possible outcome in the various cases. Significantly our team plays a critical role in ensuring that the justice system works.

It is critical that individuals in family law cases have skilled, compassionate lawyers that can advocate for their best interests effectively and here in Omaplex law firm we have highly skilled lawyers who are experts in family law cases. Family law is a practice of law that’s critically important to clients who need the services of a family lawyer and the team provides our clients with the best and utmost care possible.  We have a dedicated team providing legal advice to couples whose relationships have broken down to avoid exorbitant and elongated courtroom battles.

We pride ourselves as an exceptional law firm having an excellent customer care service and communication with our clients. We consult our clients at every step, keeping them thoroughly reviewed of developments in their case. The team specialise in all types of family law issues including matrimonial causes, child custody & support, surrogacy, child’s right protection & enforcement, prenuptial agreements, wills, trust & succession amongst others. The team always deal with all cases in a professional manner and are always available to represent our clients in court to defend and protect their interest.

Medical Law is an expanding area of law. In our Medical Law practice, Omaplex Law Firm provides advice on legal compliance issues to medical professionals, hospitals, healthcare and nursing home facilities, defend medical practitioners and institutions from cases of medical malpractice, medical negligence as well as pursuing claims of malpractice for patients. Our team has necessary experience and skill in each area impacting our medical clients. Our team’s experience gives us the competitive advantage in medical legal cases.

Our team of medical lawyers and professionals are highly qualified and well trained. We make sure that medical care providers have accountability when their work falls below professionals’ standards. Due to the fact that they raise professional standards, we perform an important function that serves all of society. At Omaplex we ensure that our clients are well compensated when they are victims of malpractice while also helping all medical professionals remember to work to professional standards.

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