Energy Law
Sports Law
Data Protection
Mining Law
Technology Law
Space Law

Our firm is well known for expanding new sectors of law in Nigeria and one of them is energy law. The firm’s profound knowledge in this sector can cause a lot of development to the energy sector and the Nigerian economy at large. Our boast on this sector comes from the fact that we have very reputable expert lawyers in this field. Our research and articles in this field serve as a living proof of our testimony. Our lawyers also possess the ability to advise and represent our clients on several of the most recent developments and cases in the energy sector in Nigeria. We deliver on full spectrum of services in the energy sector covering regulatory transactional and risk management issues. Our transactional issues approach ensures our team is able to deliver on the transactional aspect of projects and other related issues.

The sports sector is one of the sectors Nigeria has gained a global reputation for and our lawyers are very acquainted with this industry making them capable of providing top notch services based on the developments in the sector. We advise on talent management in sports, governance in sports, E- sports, dispute resolution in sports, human rights and gender equality in sports, etc. We promise to provide nothing short of the best in this sector as we are well acquainted with it and always ready to serve to the best of our knowledge.

Omaplex is a top player in technology and intellectual property thus bringing vast experience to matters pertaining to data privacy and protection. Everybody on the planet has their personal data i.e., name, address, pictures, email address, bank details, or medical information online. These data reveal sensitive personal information that can be exploited to harm users unscrupulously for economic gain. Thus, it is has become important to protect these data and regulate the way data is used. One should be able to decide whether or not they want to share some information, who has access to it, for how long, for what reason and to be able to modify some of this information. Our team of skilled legal professionals ensure that we provide top notch advice in matters of cybercrime, identity management and consumer protection

Our legal team is well versed in the mining sector and we provide topnotch quality service and adequate legal representation to our clients. We assist with the acquisition of licenses & mining right, conduct due diligence, regulatory and compliance and we advise on a vast areas ranging from processing, refining, beneficiation & export. At Omaplex, we pride ourselves in standing out in matters of mining and mineral excavation as it is an emerging practice area which is relevant in the 21st century legal market.

Omaplex law firm is a modernized law firm with a different touch than the conventional system of most Nigerian firms. Technology law are some of our major specialization. Technology law is an emerging area of law, it basically cuts across legal tech, internet of things, fintech, bloc chain etc. Technology law also focuses on intellectual property rights, a complex branch of the legal system that deals with disputes over who ‘owns’ intangible ‘property’, such as creative works, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Technology law helps protect the individual creativity, who come up with different ideas and also ensures rights concerning the distribution of their work. Another interesting focus for technology law is software licensing. For many large and small businesses, computer software is a critical part of maintaining their services and satisfying customers.

Space law basically addresses a variety of matters, such as, the preservation of the space and Earth environment, liability for damages caused by space objects, the settlement of disputes, the rescue of astronauts, the sharing of information about potential dangers in outer space, the use of space-related technologies, and international cooperation. Space law therefore can be described as the body of law governing space-related activities. Space law, much like general international law, comprises a variety of international agreements, treaties, conventions, and United Nations General Assembly resolutions as well as rules and regulations of international organizations.

Administrative & Constitutional Law
Anti-trust & Competition
Asset Management
International Trade

Our deep experience in this area and our public sector relationships can provide both government and business with an invaluable resource.
Our strength lies in the thorough research we do, to highlight best practice in relevant jurisdictions and in adapting that specifically for a Nigerian setting. The laws we help create are workable, entrepreneurial and in keeping with the spirit of Nigerian society.
When necessary, we are able to call on sector experts across the oil and gas, telecommunications and banking teams, ensuring that the advice we give has a practical and commercial edge in addition to legal integrity.

Our competition team comprises lawyers from across the various practices of the Firm, who advise on a broad range of corporations in various sectors of the economy. We have been at the forefront of competition law and bring to bear our experience of advising local and international companies on the competition laws, regulations and strategies.
Our practice covers all aspects of merger control, monopoly and abuse of dominance, cartels, market and sector investigations as well as defending against claims before national courts.
We also advise governments and competition enforcement agencies on competition policies and have been instrumental to the development of a Competition Law Bill, a single legislation aimed at tackling competition challenges in Nigeria.

Omaplex has led the way in the use of arbitration in Nigeria. Our cases are often complex and high profile, and include international commercial arbitrations before the International Court of Arbitration, the London Court of International Arbitration, as well as ad hoc arbitrations.
Led by very skilled Advocates of Nigeria and other partners highly experienced in arbitration, and working on behalf of a range of clients including commercial and government entities, our team focuses its efforts on ensuring that our clients’ matters are resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible through arbitration.
In addition to our expertise in Nigeria, we have also successfully represented clients in landmark international arbitration courts and cities around the world.
At all times we act pragmatically, balancing legal knowledge, commercial understanding and in-depth appreciation of our clients’ circumstances to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our asset management team helps clients take control of their assets, managing and transferring them effectively, and carefully planning both acquisitions and disposals.
For years, we have acted on some of the largest deals completed in Nigeria and have played an integral role in assisting the government in this area. Our experience of working with the Nigerian government on dealing with asset management issues following the recent economic slowdown offers a competitive advantage to clients and investors requiring trusted advisers who understand the market and the intricacies of the law.
In addition to our understanding of the legal issues, our approach is highly pragmatic and focused on completing transactions as quickly as possible. A deep understanding of business means we are able to manage the risks of our clients and provide them with advice that goes beyond the usual role of lawyer.
By drawing on the strength of the various departments within our firm, we are able to provide clients with a wider view of their matters. At all times, we are committed to our clients’ interests and supporting their strategic objectives.

The effect of globalization on the world economy has necessitated the cooperation amongst states and businesses through the negotiation of trade agreements, bilateral investment treaties and other forms of cooperation, in order to foster economic development.
At Omaplex, our subject experts advise both governments and businesses on all aspect of trade and investment including trade financing, shipping and insurance, transportation, export control restrictions, customs, global trade policies, WTO regulations as well as disputes arising from bilateral and regional trade agreements and are able to assist our clients cut through complex regulations and legislations that govern international trade.
We will assist you with managing risks and navigating through regulatory standards. Relying on the expertise and experience of our multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional qualified lawyers, we are able to negotiate on your behalf with trade officials and regulators to achieve your objectives.

Capital Markets
Corporate & Commercial Law
Corporate Governance & Compliance
Licensing & Regulation

We have many years of experience in delivering cutting edge banking advice, providing a full range of banking services covering everything from financing and regulatory matters to restructuring and insolvency advice.
Having been at the forefront of changes in banking law in Nigeria, our team is ideally placed to advise clients on all dealings in the sector. Our unique insight gives us the ability to understand complex transactions in a global context and to apply our knowledge to structuring epoch-making deals for our clients both at home and abroad.
No other firm in Nigeria is able to offer the depth of experience and understanding that our lawyers can provide, nor match our proven track record of getting results. Clients choose us for our ability to understand their needs, the market in which they operate and offer solutions which allow them to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Our recent experience spans all sectors of the Nigerian economy and includes all aspects of finance, particularly project finance, acquisition finance and corporate borrowing.
Our track record and ability means clients can rely on the direction we provide whatever the issue at hand.

We are building a capital markets practice which is dedicated to providing expert legal advice and analysis on the full spectrum of capital markets work including debt/equity transactions, structured debt, high yield and trusts. Our clients are drawn from the full range of industry participants and include large corporates, banking institutions, governments and supranational bodies.
Our specialist team is dedicated to providing clear, concise and focused advice to our clients and the team can boast a decorated history of providing innovative solutions to the often complex and technical issues arising in domestic and cross-border securities offerings.
Through our unrivalled technical excellence, our deep well of experience and our specialist focus we are able to deliver results to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner, and keep our clients in constant touch with emerging trends in disclosure obligations, corporate governance and directors’ duties.
Our team is uniquely positioned to provide proactive and commercially sensible advice of the highest quality.

For many years, Omaplex Corporate Commercial team has been providing superlative corporate and commercial advice to businesses throughout the company life cycle from start-up to winding up. Our comprehensive service covers business advisory, foreign investment, insurance, corporate reorganization, labour and insolvency. The depth of our expertise ensures that transactions are well structured and reach completion efficiently and cost effectively.
We are a client relationship centred Firm and we make it our business to understand our clients’ business. This knowledge gives us profound insight into our clients’ needs and enables us to deliver pragmatic value added advice that addresses legal issues and best business practice.
We are unique in our ability to weave the law with commercial realities into a seamless whole. Our approach and our reputation mean that we are trusted adviser to an extensive client list spanning private and public companies in Nigeria and foreign businesses. We are the go to Firm for international corporates seeking to establish a business presence in Nigeria. We have, over the years, developed a close relationship with regulators and offer our Nigerian and foreign clients with a unique insight into Nigeria’s regulatory framework and guide our clients through any regulatory bottlenecks.
Proactive and commercial, we often go beyond the role of traditional legal adviser to provide clients with advice that delivers genuine market advantage.

We advise our corporate clients on general company and compliance issues and ensure they are adequately informed of new corporate governance procedures and developments. We attend board meetings and assist our clients in navigating through complex issues affecting their governance and control corporate structures.
Our expertise include company law, sector-specific regulations, disclosure and listing rules, anti-bribery standards. We ensure that our advice is tailored specifically to your objective and will assist you in implementing your goals.

Our proximity with the government means that we are ideally placed to advise commercial clients and foreign investors on the issues surrounding licensing and regulation.
We advise new and existing license holders on laws and regulations and have acted on a number of ground breaking cases.
Having worked closely with regulatory departments, we understand the issues involved and are able to assist with meeting all regulations within relevant sectors.

Dispute Resolution
Employment Benefit & Executive Compensation
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Public Policy & Government Affairs
Media & Entertainment Law

Our Dispute Resolution practice group has developed a reputation for its ability to actively manage technically challenging, complex and multi-faceted litigation matters on behalf of a wide spectrum of corporate clients.
The team has handled a number of recent high profile cases in Nigeria, and actively participates in international commercial arbitration in major cities around the globe. Our approach is characterized by a strong preference for solving difficult commercial disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible and we routinely deploy our vast expertise to provide creative and commercially sensible solutions which are aligned with our clients’ business objectives.
We have a strong reputation in the Nigerian courts, and our advocates are well regarded for their innovative and clear-minded attitude to interpreting and applying established principles.
Our clients find our multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to litigation to be invaluable, as it enables us to provide commercially driven, technical representation to our clients on matters across all areas of the law. Equally, our pro-active approach ensures that we help our clients to find the most cost-effective path to dealing with, mitigating and, where possible, avoiding the emergence of expensive regulatory and commercial disputes.

Our team comprises of experienced and dedicated lawyers with vast experience in employment law, tax, corporate governance and best practices. We work with clients ranging from global businesses to small enterprises cutting across a wide range of sectors, delivering local and cross-border advice on a range of employee benefit and compensation matters. We routinely advice on all types of share plans, arrangement of cash bonus arrangements, establishment of all types of employee share schemes, and effects of corporate transaction on compensation arrangements.
To provide first class advice, we keep on top of the risks and opportunities arising from changes in the law, we track and anticipate the latest legislative proposals that may affect our clients’ businesses. As trusted adviser, our clients trust and rely on the experience of our team because we employ innovative tools in meeting client’s needs.

We offer sophisticated legal advice for the full spectrum of an investment or portfolio company. Our lawyers represent private equity and venture capital houses through their growth life-cycle, including fund formation; private equity investments; financing; initial public offerings, as well as in mergers, acquisitions or strategic partnerships.
At Omaplex, we help to broker deals that guarantee long term success of businesses as well as substantial returns for investors. Our lawyers share the entrepreneurial mind set of our clients and look to innovate where possible in order to drive the best deal.
We are consistently ranked as a Tier 1 firm for Transaction Finance. Our clients are rest assured that they are supported by lawyers who not only understand the technical details of their transaction but also have an in-depth appreciation of how their business operates.

Our Government Business Practice advises and represents the Federal Government of Nigeria and its agencies, State Governments as well as numerous international and indigenous organizations within and outside Nigeria. The practice has been at the forefront of public policy development in Nigeria.
Our expertise cuts across all sectors of the Nigerian economy. We harness the fusion between public policy objectives and the private business goals and bring this to the fore as we cater to our clients. Thus, our clients look to us to assist in regulatory interface with principal government departments and regulators and we are able to leverage on our familiarity with these agencies for their benefit.

Our Entertainment, Leisure and Media Practice group is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of corporate, commercial, intellectual property and litigation lawyers. Our team is commercially astute and efficient with a passion for entertainment matters. We provide creative and solution-oriented legal advice in all aspects of the media and entertainment industries, including music, film, television, leisure, sports.

We provide extensive services to music artistes, music producers, DJs and record labels, in all aspects of their commercial affairs such as drafting and negotiating a variety of agreements to suit their needs; recording and music publishing agreements, artiste management, production, sponsorship as well as other specialist requests. We also advice on international collaborations.

Film & Television
We also advice clients in the film and television industry such as independent filmmakers, film and television production companies on all aspects of the production and distribution chain of films and television programs. Our depth of experience and versatility makes us the go to Firm for big budget films and also independent micro budget projects.

Sports & Leisure
We routinely advice leisure companies and sports related business on all aspects of their corporate and commercial matters and have become trusted adviser to leading corporates in these sectors.

Restructuring & Insolvency
Employment & Labour
Intellectual Property
Mediation & Conciliation

The multi-disciplinary restructuring and insolvency team provides support in relation to distressed situations, across Nigeria’s major economic sectors. Our advice is practical and pragmatic, and our expertise cuts across both contentious and non-contentious proceedings. Our team has been at the forefront of major restructurings in Nigeria. In addition to corporate restructurings, we also represent banks in relation to the management and rescue of companies in distressed situations.

People are at the heart of every business and managing them effectively can be the key to success.
Our experience in this area is significant, with our advice covering every aspect of employment, including reorganisations, compensation, trade unions, performance and health and safety.
At Omaplex, we are proactive in our approach to employment matters, providing guidance that will encourage better performance and ensure clients have policies in place to deal with any potential labour issues.
We also represent clients in often difficult situations, helping them to avoid tribunals but defending claims vigorously when required.
We utilize lawyers from around our firm whenever necessary to enable best practice in areas such as tax and contractual agreements. Our approach is to develop an intimate knowledge of our client’s business so that the solutions we provide are tailored specifically to their circumstances.
From everyday matters to long term HR projects, our understanding of the law can be used to the advantage of any client and we can create policies and precedents that form the bedrock of future activities.

Investment is vital for a healthy economy and our lawyers are recognised as being at the vanguard of the sector, advising expertise across the full spectrum of financial products, including corporate borrowing, asset finance, loan syndication, project & infrastructure finance, derivatives & structured finance, leveraged acquisition finance, real estate finance, commodities & export finance.
Immersed in the financial sector, we provide both expertise in the law and a deep understanding of the Nigerian finance market. We have more than 50 years’ worth of experience in delivering commercially driven, client focused and business sensitive solutions to complex problems in this space.
Clients trust our leading professionals who act for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, providing advice that uncovers opportunity whilst reducing the risks involved in any transaction and our technical excellence, transactional experience and expert knowledge ensure that we are always able to work quickly and efficiently in helping our clients achieve completion in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As one of the few top tier law firms in Nigeria with a dedicated IP Practice, we advise on all aspects of the creation, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights.
We handle both the contentious and non-contentious sides of IP law and as trusted adviser, local and multinational corporates operating in a wide range of sectors trust us to manage their IP portfolio and solve their IP issues in a cost effective and efficient manner. In this regard, our advice includes registration of intellectual property rights, transfer and licensing arrangements and copyright.
We handle disputes covering the full spectrum of IP rights and co-ordinate litigation and settlement strategies for clients in defence of their IP rights.
Our IP lawyers also provide support by conducting high level due diligence exercises, establishing licensing structures and assignment of IP assets.
We have developed highly effective working relationships with leading law firms around the world and are able to guide our clients on their multi-jurisdictional IP matters and provide services with an international outlook.

Since its introduction in Nigeria, our lawyers have been recognised as leaders in mediation, playing a significant role in shaping its use.
As all civil cases in the country must now be considered for mediation, our experience can provide a crucial advantage in any dispute. Unlike many other law firms, we have qualified experts in mediation who can represent clients directly throughout the lifecycle of a dispute, offering an in-depth understanding of the case.
Using our experience, we prepare clients thoroughly for the mediation process. Our legal knowledge is always balanced with commercial interests and we are able to draw upon the entire resources of our firm to deliver guidance tailored specifically for the matter in hand. This commercial nous enables us to find solutions for even the most complex disputes.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Military Law
Private Clients & Wealth Management
White Collar Defense

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have always been important to the growth of corporations, financial institutions and big business. At Omaplex we take pride in our immense experience of ensuring the success of many of the most complex, difficult, contested and negotiated transactions taking place in Nigeria over the past few years.
Our team of lawyers advise at all stages of M&A, from due diligence all the way through to final completion. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and then carefully plan an effective strategy.
We are able to deal with complexity in order to provide clients with clear and concise advice. Commercially-minded as well as legally sound, we often go beyond the traditional role of lawyers to drive transactions forward and enable clients to meet their business objectives.

The purpose of the armed forces, in Nigeria, is to protect the nation’s citizens and territory from threats both internal and external.
We offer a range of services to the military as an organization and its officers. This includes the Nigerian army, Nigerian Airforce, and The Nigerian Navy. Our dedicated services have led to successive renewals of our retainer-ship with these organizations.
Military forces in Nigeria have become increasingly important facilitators of the government’s foreign and internal policy, taking part in peacekeeping operations internally and externally, military exercises and humanitarian relief missions.
Our commitment to the development of governmental institutions and structures has remained our driving force, thus we stop at nothing to see that all veritable ingredients required for the smooth function of a viable martial legal system adequately is provided for.

Omaplex offers a full range of services for our private clients, including trust set-up and management, estate administration, inheritance and tax matters.
Our aim is to protect and enhance the wealth of our clients, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and provide a secure future for their families. We represent high-net-worth individuals, family businesses, family offices and trust vehicles.
Family disputes are not an uncommon phenomenon and we provide trusted counsel to our clients on estate, gift, asset protection, wealth transfer, wealth succession planning, tax planning, sophisticated charitable donations, probate matters, business succession planning and private foundations. Our experience in acting for leading businesses is deployed to ensure our clients are provided with the best structures to suit their personal needs.

We are able to add significant value to our clients’ operations by providing legal representation and advisory services on the tax aspects of a range of complex and high-value property, corporate and finance transactions including asset sales, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, divestitures, debt and structured financing, as well as tax-related litigation and general corporate tax matters.
Our dedicated tax practice routinely works in tandem with the firm’s various practice groups and external professional consultants in delivering expert, tailor-made advice to multinationals, start-ups, financial institutions, investment funds and government institutions.
We have accumulated considerable experience handling tax related disputes as well as providing transaction-related tax advisory services, and are able to utilize a thorough understanding of our clients’ commercial operations and strategic objectives, extensive knowledge of tax law, experience interfacing with the relevant tax authorities together with inventive and pragmatic transaction structuring techniques and contractual documentation, in minimizing our clients’ tax exposure and liability, whilst facilitating our Clients’ compliance with relevant law and regulation.

White collar cases are often complex and personal in nature. With our unique blend of commercial, courtroom and financial expertise, Omaplex has repeatedly proven itself as one of the most effective law firms in Nigeria for obtaining results for our clients.
Having regularly handled many high profile cases and complex cases from both sides of the divide, we are able to identify and address the significant and often complex legal risks arising from investigation and enforcement actions. At all times our advice will be clear and practical and we are proud of our reputation for acting with commitment and integrity in everything we do.

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