The Interplay Between Electronic Information and Litigation


Today’s 21st century law firm is one highly dependent on technology to facilitate and ease its activities. Technology, which is an essential tool of the modern law firm leverages on electronic Information to function optimally.  For example, legal software such as Lexis Nexis and Law Pavilion transcend the traditional method of conducting legal research by deploying technology which utilizes electronic information stored in databases to facilitate case law reporting, electronic case file management, case analysis etcetera. Confidential client information as well as records (such as title documents and wills) are also now commonly stored digitally to ease referencing as well as provide backup for physical storage.

These digital developments have also redefined the pattern of legal proceedings in Courts of law across the globe as evidenced by innovations such as; electronic filings of processes, virtual court sittings, online services of processes etc.

Indeed, it is without a doubt, that these usages of technology generate viable information albeit in an electronic form that are subject to the various laws governing court proceedings.

Indeed, it is the workings of electronic information in civil court proceedings that form the fulcrum of this discuss.


O. M. Atoyebi, SAN

Ene Iwodi

Ezinne Nnadi

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