The Role of the Nigerian Legislation in Combating/Controlling Plastic Waste and Pollution

Nigeria generates some 32 million tonnes of waste per year, including about 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste according to a 2018 report by the World Economic Forum. The country’s disposal, recycling, and waste management system is very inefficient, dealing with both plastic and non-plastic waste, most of which (70%) ends up in landfills, sewers, beaches and water bodies. In an effort to improve plastic waste recycling in this case, the Nigerian Ministry of Environment has already built plastic recycling plants throughout the country, says Muhammad Mahmood.

Examination of Commercial Mortgages in the Banking Sector

Commercial mortgages are another type of term lending but they are used exclusively to finance (or refinance) commercial real estate. The analysis and underwriting techniques vary depending on whether the property is owner-occupied or if it is an income-producing investment property; however, both tend to have more flexible terms (longer amortization, very competitive pricing, etc.) than other types of commercial loans.