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Our technology law experts have a wide range of expertise in emerging areas of technology law: intellectual property, data protection, software licensing, financial technology, cybercrime protection, patent, copyrights etc. For this reason, we are constantly engaged in advising our clientele on regulatory matters and general due diligence within the technological and data spheres.

Oil & Gas

By virtue of our practice being domiciled in an oil rich jurisdiction as Nigeria, our oil and gas practice has gained a reputation for demonstrating an unrivalled understanding of the law, inventive problem-solving strategies and a true grasp of the particular needs of our clients’ businesses by providing market-leading legal advisory services to our large clientele across the oil and gas value chain.

At Omaplex, we advise international and indigenous oil companies, project sponsors, service companies, and financial institutions on various matters including, divestitures and asset acquisitions, licensing and regulatory matters, equity, debt and structured financing, restructurings, taxation, corporate and project finance amongst others.


We provide a full spectrum of legal support to a diverse range of clients in the Nigerian power sector including governments, project proponents, investors, financial institutions, operators, suppliers and regulators.

The Firm’s involvement in the power sector predates the restructuring of Nigeria’s power sector. Since the transformation of the power sector, we have been at the very center of the privatization of the unbundled power assets, a feat that has given us significant experience in advising our clients appropriately on power matters.


Owing to Nigeria’s significant solid mineral deposits and reserves, and an increased government focus on mining, the Firm has developed a consistent culture of forward-thinking and pioneering expertise dedicated to mining.

With one of the strongest banking, finance and capital market practices in Nigeria and having provided legal advisory support to players in the extractive industry in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa, we have garnered significant experience in supporting our clients in their endeavors within the mining sector.

Construction & Real Estate

Omaplex Law Firm is renowned for providing cutting edge solutions in real estate transactions. With a skilled team of lawyers available to represent a wide range of clients including property developers, government institutions, sponsors and issuers, we assist on matters revolving around construction, real estate sales and acquisitions, real estate investment trust schemes, financing and refinancing.


The role of lawyers within the sphere of finance cannot be overemphasized. As such, our corporate-finance team is constantly engaged in minimizing client risk to the barest minimum via the provision of superior legal advice on the dynamics of capital raising and investment. We also provide advice to corporations on regulatory compliance, equity and debt finance. Ultimately, our lawyers act as guides to our clients by aiding them in maneuvering through complex legal frameworks, dealing with convoluted industry matters, and aiding them to their paramount goal of profit maximization.

Trading & Investment

Omaplex trading and investment lawyers help both our public and private sector clients achieve their commercial aims. They draw on a wide range of trade expertise across relevant legal disciplines to help clients maximize their profit and make the most of global opportunities in their businesses. The team helps businesses navigate through complex international trade law and cross-border challenges. Our expertise includes but not limited to cross-border trade regulatory matters, trade-related litigation, business immigration, capital market investment and settlement of investment disputes. We also have a proven track record of success at the Investment and Securities Tribunal.


We understand the language, procedures and practical realities of today’s transportation and logistics industry. From warehousing to third-party logistics, we provide legal advisory services involving the negotiation, drafting, implementation of transportation and logistics operations and service agreements.

Our cross-functional transportation team at Omaplex provide comprehensive solutions to address the unique needs of transportation and logistics providers including carriers, intermediaries, manufacturers, retailers, distributors by leveraging on our dispute resolution, maritime and tax expertise.

Health Care

Omaplex’s understanding of regulatory regimes and our relationship with governments at all levels poses a strong assurance to our health clientele composed of health providers and pharmaceuticals that their legal needs are adequately and comprehensively catered for.


Educational institutions today face a challenging and diverse array of federal, state and local laws, and regulations. Our lawyers are constantly engaged in helping our educational clientele accomplish their desired goals by navigating the turbulent waters of educational regulation.

Indeed, Omaplex Law Firm is a global law firm with a full-spectrum practice spanning legal advisory services at all levels of education; primary, secondary and tertiary.

Tourism & Culture

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), states that “The purpose of travel legislation is to provide a regulatory framework for the proper development of tourism.” This indeed sums up our practice at Omaplex Law Firm, where we are constantly engaged in tourism engineering as we constantly provide advice to governments, hoteliers and other stakeholders in the tourism industry.


Our team of highly trained experts constantly provide top notch services to our media and entertainment clientele based in Nigeria and Abroad. Our work here typically revolves around client contracts involving entertainment stakeholders such as producers, publishing firms, modelling agencies, record labels etc.

Indeed, at Omaplex law firm, we understand the need to protect our clients and as such, our work span patenting, trademarks, copyrighting, regulations and licenses etc.

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