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In An Evolving Employment



Technology is ever evolving and the parameters of determining what is the latest technology is constantly shifting. The issues for discussion during these technological shifts are as well constantly changing. Today, the technology we have has given rise to discussions about data protection, Cyber Security, and the rights of Robots vis a vis employee rights. The increasing use of trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotics technology in education, manufacturing, justice delivery, etc. means we must begin to reconsider the concept of “employees” and “employee rights”.

Machines have been replacing Humans at workplaces since the wake of the Industrial revolution. The idea has only become more popular as the jobs that are being threatened today range from straight forward tasks like data entry and repetitive physical motions to complex tasks like reviewing documents, responding to customer service enquiries, personal assistants, etc. The breakthrough in the Artificial Intelligence Technology and the ability to replicate the activities of the brains and mind of humans has brought about the increasing notion that the employment regime will change. Therefore, we must now look at the rights that will apply to these robots.

The current Laws reflect only the rights of human employees. The extension of these rights and more will significantly change the order of things in the future. The expansion of rights to robots may promote a new appreciation of the interrelated rights and responsibilities of humans, machines, and nature.  

This whole concept is theoretical and undoubtedly futuristic. This Article will discuss employee rights vis a vis future robot rights while considering the essence of the rights that apply to humans in the form of fundamental Human Rights especially as they relate to Nigeria.

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O. M. Atoyebi, SAN

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O. M. Atoyebi, SAN.
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