IMEIs and NINs - Everything In Between.
September 21, 2021 Omaplex 0 Comments

Undeniably, it is not this altruistic function of aiding the recovery of stolen phones that is worrisome to several Nigerians, it is the obvious alternative functionality that causes concern – the ability to track the owner of a device who’s in possession of the device.

The Nigeria Data Protection Regulations
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The NDPR is a welcome development in view of Nigeria’s conscious efforts at being awakened to its responsibilities as regards issues of data protection. Nigeria must be applauded for imbibing universal best practices as they relate to the various principles of data protection as evidenced by the similarities existing between the NDPR and the GDPR.

Regtech Enhances Banking Operations
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Indeed, it is believed that Ponzi schemes and indeed all other fraudulent practices in breach of capital market rules can ideally be addressed by the deployment of Regtech systems that leverage advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to generally identify suspicious financial dealings or activities on which such Ponzi schemes thrive.

Regulation of Big Tech: A Conundrum of Interests
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On the 8th of January, 2021, the world awoke to receive the news that former American President, Donald Trump had been banned from Twitter for ‘inciting comments’ in the wake of the attacks at the American Capitol which left five persons dead. Commenting on the rationale for the ban, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey via a Twitter post observed:

Understanding Fintech Regulatory Framework
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“A youthful population, increasing smartphone penetration, and a focused regulatory drive to increase financial inclusion and cashless payments, are merging to create the perfect recipe for a thriving Fintech Sector in an electronic age where every day financial transactions are conducted on electronic platforms.”

Space Law
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There are various regulations, treaties and conventions that have been entered into at the international level that serve as laws regulating space activities. These laws are a product of international cooperation and deliberation and thereby enjoy uniform validity. Some of these international laws include:…

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Nigeria’s quest to achieving a compliant data protection status capable of securing database rights and indeed all other ancillary intellectual property rights cannot be achieved overnight. Nonetheless, the above issues discussed are cardinal and must be tackled as a first step:

Data protection
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With the decision of Fintech giants Paypal, to restrict foreign payments into Nigeria owing to the prevalence of advanced fee frauds (Yahoo-Yahoo ) in the country, the issuance of a regulation as the NDPR which creates a sense of a protection culture must be applauded albeit with reservations as to the efficacy of its enforcement or the adequacy of its provisions to ensure a stellar data protection status in Nigeria.