Legal Implications of Online Gambling featured image
October 20, 2021 Omaplex 0 Comments

The advancement in information and communication technology (ICT) has undoubtedly made gaming a part and parcel of a large spectrum of the Nigerian populace. In light of this, it is clearly evident that to fail to regulate and monitor the gaming sector, is to fold our hands and watch an important and potential revenue generating sector go to waste.

The Interplay Between Electronic Information and Litigation
June 21, 2021 Omaplex 0 Comments

Although Nigeria has no law specifically mentioning the preservation of electronic data in litigation, the general obligation to do so can be found in the provisions of the Rules of Various Courts, the Evidence Act, 2011 and the Rules of Professional Conduct, 2007. It is important to consider each of these in relation to the specific matter of preservation of electronic information.

Sports arbitration Featured image
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SPORT on the other hand can be said to be an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Sport as a highly organized physical activity of high human intensity regulated by accepted rules and regulations which require maximum physical and mental exertion.

February 10, 2021 Omaplex 0 Comments

Environmental pollution is of considerable concern throughout the world. Consequent upon this, Renewable Energy has become a topic whereby its importance cannot be overemphasized. Nigeria as a nation has borne a lot of challenges in its quest to attain solutions to sustainable energy. This article will critically evaluate the opportunities and benefits associated with renewable energy sources; social and economic development of renewable energy, climate change mitigation caused by renewable energy, challenges faced in the implementation of the renewable energy, current position of renewable energy in Nigeria and the Laws regulating the application of renewable energy in Nigeria.