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The energy sector is very broad and contains a large spectrum of different areas. But for ease of understanding, we shall be limiting ourselves to two basic classifications of energy, which include:

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Non-Renewable Energy


Renewable energy resources on the other hand, are energy resources that have the potential to be replaced over time by natural processes. These includes solar, hydro and wind energy. For instance, Wind energy is made when the wind moves the blades on a wind turbine. This movement creates wind energy which is converted into electrical energy, and so on.


These are energy resources that are available in limited supplies. This is as result of the fact that most of these resources take a long time to replenish, and most times they run out of existence. Non-renewable energy includes coal, gas and oil. Most cars, trains and planes use non-renewable energy. They are made by burning fossil fuels to create energy.

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