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Some of the Laws governing Employment and Labour in Nigeria includes:

  • 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended)
  • Labour Act (Cap L1) LFN 2004
  • Pension Reform Act 2014
  • Personal Income Tax Act (Cap P8) LFN 2004,
  • Employees’ Compensation Act 2010
  • Industrial Training Fund Act (Cap I9) LFN 2004
  • Immigration Act 2015
  • National Health Insurance Scheme Act (Cap N42) LFN 2004
  • Trade Dispute Act (Cap T8) LFN 2004
  • Trade Unions Act (Cap T14) LFN 2004
  • National Industrial Court of Nigeria Act 2006
  • National Industrial Court of Nigeria (Civil Procedure) Rules 2017
  • Case Law

Jurisdiction of NICN in Labour Matters

By the provision of Section 254C Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 vide the Third Alteration Act, 2010, the National Industrial Court is vested with exclusive Jurisdiction on all Labour, Employment and related matters and as such all Labour, Employment and allied matters.

Commencement of action in NICN

  1. Complaint
  2. Originating Summons
  3. Originating Motions
  4. Application for Judicial Review
  5. Notice of Appeal or Petition
  6. Referral from Minister of Labour and Productivity – Order 3(1) NICN Rules 2017

Appeals from NICN

It has long been settled that a party should never be denied the right of appeal. Every citizen of Nigeria has the right to approach a higher Court to exercise his right of appeals. Matters from the NICN shall lie to the Court of Appeal by virtue of Section 240 of the Constitution and this is the Final Court in civil matters. See Section 243(4) of the Constitution.

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