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This was established in 1995 as a body corporate with perpetual succession under the NIPC Decree, 1995. The commission shall encourage, promote and coordinate investment in the Nigerian economy.

Functions of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (S. 4 NIPCA)

The Commission shall encourage, promote and co-ordinate investment in the Nigerian economy and accordingly, shall—

  1. Co-ordinate and monitor all investment promotion activities to which this Act applies;
  2. Initiate and support measures which shall enhance the investment climate in Nigeria;
  3. Promote investments through effective promotional means;
  4. Collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information about investment opportunities and sources of investment capital, and advise on request, the availability, choice or suitability of partners in joint-venture projects;
  5. Register and keep records of all enterprises to which this Act applies;
  6. Identify specific projects and invite interested investors for participation in those projects;

The Functions of Asset Management Corporation are:

AMCONperforms the following functions “in accordance with the provisions of this Act” i.e. the AMCON Act)

  1. Acquire eligible bank assets from eligible financial institutions
  2. Purchase or otherwise invest in eligible equities
  3. Hold, manage, realise and dispose of eligible bank assets
  4. Pay coupons on, and redeem at maturity, bonds and debt securities issued by the Corporation as consideration for the acquisition of eligible bank assets
  5. Perform such other functions, directly related to the management or the realisation of eligible bank assets that the Corporation has acquired.
  6. Protect, enhance, or realise the value of the eligible bank assets that the Corporation has acquired
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