Practice Areas

  • Fintech
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Data Protection
  • Cybersecurity

As a firm driven by Technological Innovation, our vision is founded on reshaping the business ecosystem of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Technology Team is composed of experienced and astute Tech legal experts, committed to building strong legal solutions and innovations, required to tackle emerging concerns in the Technological space.

Our Team maintains a commitment to providing quality legal services relating to various technological spheres relating to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property, technology assets, artificial intelligence, data protection & privacy, cyber policing, cybercrime, big data, fintech, bloc chain, internet of things and Robotics amongst others.

We are focused on intellectual property rights, a multifaceted branch of the legal system that deals with disputes over ‘who owns what intellectual capital’ disrupting our innovative space, such as creative works, patents, copyrights, algorithms, codes, designs and trade secrets, trademarks, outsourcing, privacy and data security.

 The team helps protect individual creativity, ideas and also ensure that rights concerning its distribution are adequately managed and enforced across the domestic and international terrains.

We also concern ourselves with software licensing, software agreement constructions, distributing rights of parties, under several phases of Software transfers.

Our Technological Team is concerned with the allocation of financial facilities from investors and Venture Capitalist to Start-ups and innovative outfits. We advise investors, venture capitalist and start-ups alike, on the legal positions for attaining sustainable returns and yields on Technology investments, and evaluate potential Technological investment to maximize profits and yields.

As a Firm of the future, we are fabricating a timely and outstanding legal environment for the smooth and habitable productivity of technological innovation from Africa to the world.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Carbon Trading
  • Mining
  • Power Regulatory
  • Environmental Compliance

Omaplex is an integrated international law firm with recognized strength in energy law. The Firm’s profound knowledge in this sector would cause a progressive modification in the energy sector and the Nigerian economy at large.

Our team handles and delivers on full spectrum of services in the energy sector covering regulatory transactions, risk management issues, commercial and fiscal matters connected with oil and gas, power, carbon trade, mining and renewable energy transactions.

Our transactional issues approach ensures our team is able to deliver on the transactional aspect of projects and other related issues. Our lawyers also possess the ability to advise and represent our clients on several of the most recent developments and cases in the energy sector in Nigeria.

 Our Team is well experienced in advising clients on every aspect of their operation in the Energy Sector which includes a full array of legal services relating to capital markets and merger and acquisition transactions, as well as the financing and development of projects as well as regulatory development, involving establishment of Independent Power Projects. 

With the anticipated and necessary developments in the power sector, our  Team’s expertise has positioned us for a plethora of entities such as investor-owned utilities; regional and independent transmission entities; power trading and risk management firms; power marketers; independent power producers; public power authorities; public utility districts; electricity cooperatives; energy metering and technology providers; power plant EPC contractors; T & D equipment manufacturers; transmission line communications technology developers.


In the mining sector, we advise from the initial stages of land and mineral estate acquisition involving title examination, permitting, and exploration, site development, extraction, processing, financing, management operation of an active mine and sale of hard minerals.


Our diverse client base includes companies that develop, produce, transport, process and market energy. All these endeavours create complex and inter-related legal issues with which we proffer solutions to.

  • Capital Market
  • Business Advisory
  • Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Financing
  • Debt Recovery
  • Insurance


Our comprehensive service covers business advisory, foreign investment, debt recovery, insurance, corporate reorganization, labour, insolvency, taxation amongst others.

The Firm emphasizes and nurtures long-term, industry-focused client relationships. This knowledge gives us profound insight into our clients’ need and enables us to deliver pragmatic value added advices that addresses legal issues and best business practice.

A core focus of our practice is representing our Clients in connection with their executive compensation planning and disclosure as well as governance and compliance. Our approach and reputation has positioned us as trusted advisers to our extensive client list, spanning Private and Public Companies in Nigeria and International Businesses.

The Firm has built a reputation for International Corporates seeking to establish a business presence in Nigeria by developing required relationships with regulators and saddled with the responsibility to offer our Local and International Clients with a unique insight into the Nigerian regulatory framework and guide our clients through any regulatory bottlenecks.

We actively counsel our Clients on all aspects of Corporate Governance, Securities, Regulation and Compliance.

We advise and assists on all types of Capital Markets Offering. We represent issuers, underwriters, and financial intermediaries in structuring and executing securities transactions.

Our Team represents Clients in policy negotiation and drafting, during the claims process, and when necessary through the world’s largest and most complex insurance coverage litigation and arbitrations.

Omaplex is committed to legal excellence, extraordinary Client service, a high-performance culture and helping Clients achieve stellar legal and business results today, as well as into the future.

The Corporate/Commercial Team of the Firm has been providing exceptional advisory service to businesses throughout the company life cycle from incorporation to winding up.

  • Project Development & Finance
  • Due Diligence
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Private Equity


Our infrastructure and project development Team has a proven track record of delivering global market precedents in domestic and international public-private partnership (PPP) projects, our team is spectacular for managing and rendering legal services at every stage involving the development and long-term financing of infrastructure, Conducting Due diligence, contracts.

Our core value is beyond problem solving we also work towards creating a mutually beneficial relationship for our clients, we have represented every market participant in the industry, public authorities, sponsors and lenders in tender, Investors and Creditors, financing, sale and Foreign direct investment through acquisition of greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects.

Our Team provides best standards of legal solutions and advisory facilities on finance structures with complex, integrated financial institution/bond covenant packages on financing of projects or companies. The blend of expertise and experience that we possess in the infrastructure finance market is unrivalled irrespective of the peculiarity of the financing structure elected for a project.

In addition to our Team’s scope of practice, we regularly represent buyers and sellers in competitive sales and auctions in real estate and property transactions, we possess the know how to ensure that our clients successfully navigate all the relevant processes and reach a seamless end to the transaction.

  • Sports Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Telecoms & Internet Competition


Our Telecommunication and Media Practice Team is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of corporate, commercial, intellectual property and litigation lawyers. Our Team is commercially astute and efficient with a passion for entertainment matters. We provide creative and solution-oriented legal advice in all aspects of the media and entertainment industries, including music, film, television, leisure, sports.

Omaplex Law Firm is a one-stop shop for all copyright, trademark, internet, social media, and false advertising needs and we manage these practices as an integrated whole. We assist innovators achieve strategic, long-term success in the increasingly global and dynamic entertainment, sports, and media industries.

Our Team advises on some of the most important transactions shaping the entertainment industry. We advise entertainment and media clients worldwide, including independent producers and distributors, film financiers, talent agencies, talent managers, music publishers, gaming companies, multi-channel networks, sports franchises and executives, new media companies, iconic celebrities, licensors/rights holders, as well investors by leveraging on the Team’s full-spectrum experience to help Clients.

With our Team strategically located in industry hubs, we assist our Clients in navigating the legal and business complexities of content creation, aggregation, distribution and disposition.

Our Team advises traditional sports teams, owners, and governing bodies, as well as financial institutions, investors, corporate sponsors, stadium developers, TV broadcasters, and digital distribution and over-the-top (OTT) platforms on their most important negotiations, transactions, and disputes from team purchases and broadcast licensing to stadium matters and sponsorships.

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • ADR
  • Family Law


Our litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution team provides a full complement of service to clients across all our practice areas. Our team has developed a reputation for their ability to actively manage technically challenging, complex litigation matters on behalf of a wide spectrum of corporate clients.

We have an experienced, resourceful and well trained team of lawyers who are constantly before Nigeria’s superior courts of record and Tribunals including Tax, Securities and Election Tribunals as well as international and domestic commercial and investment tribunals. We also have several members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK as part of our team.

Our clients find our multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to litigation to be invaluable, as it enables us to provide commercially driven, technical representations to our clients on matters across all areas of the law. Equally, our pro-active approach ensures that we help our clients to find the most cost-effective path to dealing with, mitigating and, where possible, avoiding the emergence of expensive regulatory and commercial disputes.


Our dedicated Transport Team provides legal services to support clients in various transport sub-sectors including air, road, rail and water transport, as well as to navigate international trade concerns.

Our team has worked on a variety of projects internationally and locally on behalf of investors, consortia, importers and exporters, and regulatory authorities. As a result, we understand issues specific to the sector and are abreast on how these issues and risks relating to each transport sub-sector can be successfully addressed to satisfy both regulatory and business concerns. Indeed, our wealth of experience means that we can view issues/problems from the perspective of all interested parties and offer practical and pragmatic solutions.

  • Aviation

The Aviation Industry is rapidly evolving to respond to increasing turbulence from international legal and political headwinds, technological breakthroughs, increased competition, and economic pressures. Global airline alliances, emerging markets, low-cost carrier growth, infrastructure privatization and unmanned aircraft systems (also known as drones) are revolutionizing aviation from the largest international air carriers to the smallest micro-drone operations. Growing opportunities, increased risks, new regulatory frameworks and unique legal challenges accompany the industry’s evolution and require deft legal piloting for success.

At Omaplex Law Firm, we provide our aviation clientele with a broad range of dispute resolution and legal advisory services. We advise owners, lessors, lenders and guarantors in the planning and exercise of remedies in connection with failed or defaulted financings, including the pursuit of actions for damages or specific performance in appropriate courts and arbitration tribunals.

Indeed, our Aviation Lawyers are constantly engaged in helping clients navigate complex regulatory compliance issues, investigations, enforcement proceedings, licensing and other aviation authorities, transactions, tax issues, environmental reviews, import and export controls, and a wide range of other business and legal matters across the globe.

  • Maritime

We advise on some of the toughest issues in this sector – including restructurings, merger and acquisition transactions, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution.

We have an extensive experience in advising clients on full value chain investing where they seek to acquire maritime assets for their own businesses, as well as knowledge and experience in fundamental maritime issues relating to time and bareboat charters, tax leases, flagging, classification, ship-building contracts, ship mortgages and delivery disbursement conditions.

Our clients include banks, and other financial institutions, shipping companies, oil and gas companies, and government agencies.

  • Insurance

Our experienced team is composed of experts with a deep knowledge of the insurance industry. They constantly provide practical and bespoke advice that is business-minded and commercial, and are fully aligned with our clients’ broader business and transactional goals.

We regularly work with insurers, brokers, intermediaries, insureds and other stakeholders in the insurance industry. We advise clients involved in all sectors of the industry on life insurance and annuities, motor third party insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance, healthcare professional indemnity insurance, occupiers’ liability insurance etc.

Our combination of courtroom advocacy and substantive experience is second to none. We pursue our clients’ rights aggressively and develop efficient and creative approaches to insurance litigation. Indeed, Omaplex has achieved victories/record successes for our clients in insurance disputes at the trial and appellate level in state and federal courts throughout the country, in arbitrations as well as in mediations and direct negotiations.


  • Trade & Advisory
  • Global Arbitration


The activities of the Government increasingly affect corporate establishments and private individuals involved in the global trade of goods and services. Whether Governments are negotiating multilateral, regional or bilateral trade agreements, or revising national laws and regulations, the immediate result is likely to be a thicket of Rules, Procedures, and Exceptions. This can mean an even more difficult business environment.

The International Trade Team of Omaplex Law Firm provides professional assistance to our multidisciplinary Clients by managing the risks and maximizing the opportunities associated with the increasing regulation of international Trade in goods and services. Our practice extends globally and provides a wide range of services designed to match the scope of global trade regulation and to answer the needs of our clients wherever and whenever they arise.

Omaplex Law Firm vaunts interdisciplinary global trade practice with Lawyers and Trade Professionals groomed by an unquestionable knowledge and involvement in the International Trade and Global Arbitration scene spanning over 25 years. Through this, the Firm has developed an active practice in trade remedies which includes Anti-Dumping, Countervailing Duty, Safeguard Measures and Arbitral rewards in Nigeria, Africa and a growing international Practice.

Omaplex Law Firm is committed to utilizing legal, quantitative, and policy expertise in aiding Companies facing national and multinational export control restrictions and sanctions, intellectual property rights infringements, requiring Trade Due Diligence advisory and experiencing undue import investigations, through its well-grounded Team knowledgeable in the existing bilateral and regional trade agreements affecting our clients’ interests.

We deliver our services across borders through a first trier Professional Service that is culturally sensitive, Rational and empathetic.

Our firm provides excellent services in a wide range of Nigerian Immigration laws and procedures. We represent high-profiled clients which cuts across different spheres of life ranging from domestic and multi-national companies, start-up and small businesses, non-profit and Research Organizations, health care providers and physicians, academic institutions, entertainers, and individuals. Our legal expertise in relation to expatriate employees and their families, is second to none. Our team of immigration lawyers provide solutions in all aspects of the legal, political and corporate contexts where immigration issues arise and efficiently assist our clients in navigating through the complexities of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

With a large number of businesses growing globally, we are invested in helping businesses and industries by advising and providing a seamless commercial approach that matches the way they operate.

Our services in relation to labour law is sophisticated. We proffer services and advise across the full spectrum of employment, high level management, workforce terminations, compensation and benefits issues, including transactional and advisory. This includes contentious and non-contentious disputes, Human Resource policies, employee relations, restructuring and pensions.  We are always at the critical edge of industry and market practice, identifying legal, regulatory developments and policies globally that may affect our clients’ businesses.

With decades of experience in insolvency practice, we are recognized leaders in financial restructuring, business rescue and rearrangement disputes, both locally and internationally.

With expertise across key jurisdictions, we provide cutting edge solutions to distressed businesses in order to maximize their value, prevent their extinction, and also provide practical solutions in resolving disputes arising out of their business failures to help them navigate the crisis and ultimately make profit.

Our clientele includes debtors, creditors, investors, regulatory agencies and all relevant stakeholders across the capital structure, therefore giving us an expert understanding of how all the stakeholders in the practice operate.

We have advised on corporate and financial restructuring transactions, cross-jurisdictional insolvency issues, and disputes involving investors and businesses across a variety of sectors including but not limited to:

  •  Aviation
  •  Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  •  Maritime and shipping
  • Mining
  • Energy and Power
  • Oil & Gas
  •  Real Estate
  •  Sports
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Technology
  •  Telecommunication; among others.

Corporations, financial institutions and private equity investors alike have gone into mergers, acquisitions, and other forms of arrangements as a strategic option to ultimately maximize value and diversify risk. Our M&A practice has consistently provided unrivaled counsel to an array of stakeholders in the M&A chain and helped them to understand and assess their options, and also in implementing their complex transactions. 

M&A is often the most reliable and efficient mode for corporates to grow their business, either by divesting or purchasing products, entering uncharted terrains, incorporating disruptive technologies, as well as entering and exiting particular markets. Businesses today are rapidly diversifying and creating a global presence. Therefore, companies around the world continue to seek out these transactions in order to maintain a competitive advantage and remain profitable in light of unstable market changes and economic turbulence.

These transactions often come with their attendant challenges, especially in cross-border deals involving a varying degree of regulatory and market practices. Our experienced M&A team consists of local and international experts who help corporates and investors easily navigate these challenges. We have advised on local and complex multi-jurisdictional deals across all continents and helped clients in optimizing value and mitigating risks in achieving their goals. We have advised clients through all stages of a transaction, from the identification of buoyant businesses, to comprehensive due diligence, to negotiating favorable agreements, coordinating multi-jurisdictional closings, getting regulatory approvals and amalgamating the operations of the emerging business. We are reliable in providing counsel all through the process, from the inception of the deal idea to integrating the resultant business.

Our clients include leading multinationals and other international corporations, major commercial and investment banks, sovereigns, private equity funds, entrepreneurs and smaller investors. We also help clients’ close deals across industries, especially:

  • Private equity
  • Financial institutions
  • Natural resources, including energy, oil and gas, metals and mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology, media and telecommunications
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Industrials
  • Real estate
  • Consumer

In the ever-changing economic environment, tax regimes are rapidly evolving. Today, the governmental effort to increase or maintain tax revenue levels poses new and difficult challenges for tax planning and dispute resolution for corporations, partnerships, and individuals alike.

Tax efficiency, risk reduction, avoidance of tax controversy, and the successful resolution of an unavoidable dispute are goals that can best be met where the tax team possesses strong national and cross-border experience. We effectively and efficiently partner with our clients to meet these goals.

 We understand the business and legal intricacies of international business and taxation. Our group is recognized for its forward-thinking approach on tax matters as well as our culture for precedent-setting in tax planning for transactional matters including M&A, private equity, capital market, project finance, and real estate; as well as for executive compensation, transfer pricing, tax dispute resolution, competent authority, and investigative matters.

At Omaplex Law Firm, we assist clients in resolving high-stakes and complex tax controversies. Our clients include corporations, partnerships, estates, individuals and government entities facing every kind of tax liability. We advise our clients on regulatory laws bordering on tax and assist them to avoid tax evasion. 

The vast majority of our successes are achieved quickly and privately, through the administrative process. We are experienced in representing clients in the regulatory arena, in novel profiling agreements, we also represent clients in commercial disputes over the terms of tax sharing agreements.

Given the breadth of our international footprint, successfully resolving tax disputes for multinational clients is the focus of our tax controversy practice. Whether a dispute is anticipated, is already at the audit or administrative settlement stage, or has progressed to encompass alternative dispute resolution techniques or litigation, we work closely with our clients to develop the most effective and creative solutions.

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